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This site was created as a simple way of determining your device's CPU based Monero mining capabilities (hash rate) without having to go through the process of signing up for a mining account. There are plenty of mining pool sites / apps available and it can take quite a while to weed out the bad ones from the good ones. It's a good idea to know what your expected hash rate will be for your device so you can work out whether a certain pool / app will be profitable for you to join or not, taking trial and error out of the equation, maybe you just want to do a quick check of a device's capabilities before you purchase it etc ...

This will also enable you to experiment with settings to see how they influence your expected hash rate, strain on your hardware (heat), etc ...

It is recommended that you tweak the settings so the maximum number of threads equals your number of processors. Please don't exceed this number as you won't get better results and will put undue strain on your machine. In case you do, please note that this is entirely your responsibility and while the risk of something bad happening to your device other than becoming laggy is remote, we will not accept any responsibility.

The initial settings for the miner are set very low, so there is no risk of straining your device on those.

The simple miner on this page is an actual working opt in/out XMR miner, so you will be mining very small quantities to help support the registration and hosting fees for this website while you are using the miner to determine your hash rate. It only mines when given your permision to start and you can pause it at any given time or just close the website for the process to terminate. Please make sure you have adblockers turned off to get accurate readings.


Once you have determined your hash rate you can then input the rest of your relevant data in the profitability calculator

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If you do find that your hash rate is too low to be running a profit, then your next best option is to use the links to the crypto-faucets on the left side of this page to get you some free crypto.

All of these sites pay out via, so sign up for an account via the link on the side to start earning ... don't forget to bookmark this page to have all your links in one place. The faucets will open in their own window so you can keep all of them open while claiming which speeds the process up considerably.

If you find this website useful please consider running the miner for a short while or use the donation QR code to the left.

Thank you for your support.